About Ronen



Ronen Chen is one of Israel’s premier women's wear designers with over 20 years of fashion industry experience and great success in retail and wholesale markets worldwide.

In 1986, after graduating from high school and completing his military service, Ronen Chen began his studies at the Shankar College of engineering and design. By his third year, he was creating designer garments and selling them from his home.

Upon graduation, he was hired by fellow Israeli fashion designer Gideon Oberson. Just a few years later, in 1993, Ronen Chen founded his eponymous fashion brand and opened his first boutique store on Shenkin Street, in one of Tel Aviv's premiere shopping areas.

Ronen Chen currently has 18 retail stores in Israel and a growing international presence, selling to over 300 independent boutiques throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany and Scandinavia.

In 2012, Ronen Chen launched an e-commerce site in the US, and was finally able to offer the entire collection to his American customer base.

Ronen Chen the brand

Ronen Chen proposes a minimalist and sophisticated label inspired by his love of architecture.

His clothes are clean and understated, while being fashionable and wearable. Ronen tends to work with monochromatic and neutral colors with geometrical patterns and shapes, complementing a woman’s shape and style.

When designing a collection Ronen doesn’t start by sketching on paper, rather he drapes fabric over a mannequin in his studio and lets the fabric lead him. The clothes emerge organically and when the design is ready, it’s worn by one of his studio employees to ensure that the style is comfortable, as well as stylish and flattering.

Indeed, the most common feedback that Ronen receives from his customers is that they feel the clothes were made with them in mind and specifically designed for their own shape and need.

Ronen Chen fills a gap in the market of women looking for excellent quality designer fashion at a mid-range price point. His customer is the same all over the world; a woman who looks for comfort, style, and understated individuality.